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  • Version 6.0.1
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  • Works under: Windows 2000
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Propellerheads

An audio production suite built on the principles of synthetic sounds and sampling, Reason hands you the reins to control individual instruments and mixes. You have a powerful software slanted especially toward the more advanced user. The interface, for example, bears many resemblances to other digital audio workstations where you have a timeline to add tracks. Reason pedestals itself above the crowd, however, with a rack modeled after the analog recording hardware found in a lot of studios.

You have the total freedom of a recording studio with all the inside software. Because of the flexibility and power of this system, you can play with thousands of plugins and controls. That flexibility can stab at the confidence of the beginners because the learning curve means a steep climb to the top. Once you have reached the top, however, the depth in sound means that you can produce almost anything you desire.

Reason includes a variety of built-in sound samples. It ranges from the realistic to the moderately realistic. Basically, it depends on what you want. You can bring actual music to the timeline with a MIDI controller or with the computer keyboard. Reason includes an Edit Mode. In Edit Mode, you can adjust the individual notes and spin the pitch, hardness and timing of the access based on your musical taste. Reason offers users a wonderful depth as an audio recording program. You can connect to other audio recording programs and add specific tracks as needed. Some of the potential program collaborators include GarageBand or Pro Tools.

At its core, Reason empowers you with a strong sense of adaptability for a variety of situations. Music producers with the experience will love it for its ability to produce a depth of sound. The learning curve can be fairly steep, but once you overcome that, you have everything you need in a single toolbox with an infinite variety of sounds that you can tweak until they have reached perfection.

Produced by Propellerhead Software, Reason gives you mostly realistic samples, and the professional grade output means you will have access to some of the best sound producing software. One of the added features includes what's called Flow-Rida. Unfortunately, the latest version of Reason does not include new instruments, but they did emphasize major improvements to the workflow enhancement, which makes up for the losses. Create new musical additions with ease.

One feature many music producers have commented on includes the "Scales and Chords," feature. With it, you can play one or more musical notes, and you can generate chords as needed to fit a scale. This lets you transpose them into the scale you desire, which has become one of the most brilliant ways for non-musicians to create more complex sounds and melodies without a strong push in effort.


  • A lot of options for variety
  • Advanced users will revel in the flexibility of Reason
  • Enjoy a toolbox to fit all your needs


  • Too complex for a beginner
  • Steep learning curve that takes time to master
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